Acanova enters into partnership with Eko Grönovation AB

Grönovation is an Uppsala based vertical farming and precision agriculture company.

Published December 7, 2023.

The company was established in 2018, based on the successful commercial transformation of 12 year’s research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden.

Grönovation has developed a unique fully automated vertical farming facility. Combined with automation, fertilization recipe and LED spectrum delivery the company can grow a variety of plants for food, pharma, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry. The unique growing and cultivation process gives our plants high nutritional value and long shelf life.

The core technology of the company involves vertical grow towers and combined with automation which makes it possible to grow plants up to a height of 6-8m. Thus, making it the best possible technology for growing indoor plants at a high throughput commercial scale.

The automation includes the unique overhead rail transport system where the towers can be moved for transplanting or harvesting. In addition, the company has recently developed three robots.

  1. Seeder – a unique modular system with a high capacity
  2. Transplanting robot with the high capacity of placing seedlings on vertical towers
  3. Harvestor – high capacity and precision harvesting of leaves from leafy greens

This method employs delivery of nutrient enriched water to plants where in a precise amount of nutrients are absorbed by the plant roots based on their requirement. The water, enriched with nutrients, is recirculated, monitored, and adjusted to ensure the optimal nutrient levels before being delivered back to the plants.

Moreover, we utilize artificial lighting that is customized to match the specific spectrum of wavelengths needed by the crops being grown. This optimized lighting promotes the growth of high-quality, nutrient-rich plants suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutraceutical industries.

Nano particles can be added to the nutrient enriched water delivery system or/and spray on the aerial parts of the plants. This cultivation method allows for precise monitoring of nano particles, both before and after delivery, as well as other relevant metabolites in the plants and exuded from their roots. By eliminating the need for soil and mitigating the presence of microbes, we prevent unnecessary contaminants from affecting the crops.

Additionally, we have the capability to combine the effects of nanoparticles with biostimulants, exploring potential additive effects. With our highly monitored cultivation process, we can efficiently analyze various parameters, ensuring an effective and streamlined approach.

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Published December 7, 2023.