Sustainable seed treatment

Clean seed is the very basis for a healthy crop and a good harvest. We offer a unique and an environmentally friendly method to get rid of seed borne pathogens such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, nematodes, and even insects.

Instead of chemicals we use hot humid air in the disinfection process.

The method is not only environmentally superior. It also gives bigger harvests which has been shown in numerous field trials in various countries. The technique has been sold under the name ThermoSeed® to a range of countries and is widely spread in Sweden and Norway where today more than 50 percent of all seed on the agricultural market are treated with hot, humid air.

Besides disinfection of seed in agriculture or horticulture the method can also be used to disinfect seed from harmful pathogens such as salmonella.

This is of special interest for producers of sprouts, shoots, micro plants and pot herbs in greenhouses.

Disinfection of seed for use in agriculture and horticulture

Seed used in agriculture and horticulture is often infected by seedborne pathogens which can severely harm the harvest. Traditionally the seed has therefore been coated with chemicals, toxic to the pathogen itself but also, unfortunately, to the environment.

Acanova Innovation AB offers a technique without chemicals which is not only benificial to the environment but also to your wallet. In short, we use hot and humid air to pasteurize the seed. The technique, which is sold under the name ThermoSeed®, was developed by Acanova in the early nineties. Today, Acanova Innovation AB has the exclusive rights to sell ThermoSeed® on the world market outside the EU common market, UK, Norway and Switzerland. We also develop new technologies for seed treatment.

Our offers in short:

  • We sell the ThermoSeed® technology for disinfection of seed used in agriculture worldwide. Our machines have a capacity of up to 15 metric tonnes/hour. We sell to all markets outside the EU common market, UK, Norway and Switzerland.
  • We treat smaller batches of seed, less than 5-tonnes, with ThermoSeed® in Sweden for demonstrations and evaluation purposes.

Customers in the EU, UK, Norway or Switzerland, please contact Lantmännen BioAgri.