Acanova partners up with Nordamark

Acanova is now in partnership with Nordamark regarding the disinfection of seed for sprouts, shoots or micro-plants.

Published January 30, 2023.

Producers of sprouts, shoots, micro-plants and pot herbs for human consumption need seed that are free from pathogens harmful to humans. In nature, seed is often infected with pathogens such as salmonella or even EHEC. If the seed is not disinfected properly it can cause severe disease in humans.

Acanova Innovation AB provides a technique which can disinfect smaller batches of seed used for food purposes without harming the seed protein quality or germination capacity.

In short, we pasteurize the seed using a technique with hot and humid air. Our method is efficient, economic and environmentally friendly. Besides helping you produce a sound and healthy food without risking consumers health, our method also helps you to produce a higher yield of sprouts or shoots.

Read more at Nordamarks website.

Published January 30, 2023.